The Importance of Men

Dannah Gresh has a wonderful ministry, focussed on family, parenting and the development of girls and boys. My wife and daughter went to one of their “Secret Keepers” rally, and I was impressed with the values and relationships they promoted.

So when I say this, understand that I am in no way being critical of this ministry… rather I send out the clarion call, “Where are the men?”

In one of the emails I received (from this ministry) there were ideas showing mothers how to throw a super bowl party for their boys. I get it, it was way to make connections with the mother and son relationships, but if I were to take a guess, the world suffers from a chronic misalignment of father and son relationships.

I find it a bit disheartening to find women who are teaching other women how to raise sons. Of course, this is not to say that women can not have insight on how to raise sons, but men play a vital role that only they can fill in the lives of their sons. Men were designed to be a key element in this formula.

I feel strongly that it takes a man to help a boy become a man. The problem is, “Where are the men?” The mother’s survival instinct says that “I will do anything for my children,” so it’s no wonder that they will not sit back when men are absent. So what should women do who have no consistent male figure in the lives of their sons? Find a trusted male in your life and attempt to try and foster a positive relationship. Find a Men’s Ministry program that focuses on developing boys and young men. (I believe that Men’s Ministry is not for men, but for boys, young men and our senior men.)

What do I have to say to men?

Let me take this moment to encourage you. We are important, we are special, and God has designed us for the task of building. We think that we are meant to build houses and bridges… in fact God made men to build people. When one looks back at Genesis chapter 2, the first man Adam (our prototype) practiced words of “Declaration”! In a wonderful act of declaration he said to Eve “You are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh,” and “Her name shall be called women because she came from the man.” In the very beginning, it was a man who spoke encouraging, secure, and powerful words into the life of those closest to him.

Being masculine and being a man is about the words you say to build up our sons, our families, and those we mentor. The words of a man help those around us to understand who they are. We can help to define those who we care for and love.

So, where are men? We are every where. Look around! Look at yourself. I challenge you to be who you were created to be…a true “Genesis Man”!

Israel Harriott