Being Erica (Definitely not Eric): A Portrayal of Men in our Modern Society?

Being Erica is television show I don’t particularly recommend, but it is Canadian, which is nice. The concept is intriguing… Erica Strange travels back in time to redo and reassess some regrets that have brought her to her present set of life circumstances. Along the way she learns a lot about herself, relationships, and the world.

I do have a desire to understand psychology and human nature, and I must admit, that is what initially attracted me to the show -at least for a little while.

With Father’s Day just past, it put me in a rather reflective and contemplative state of mind, and I’m always intrigue at the portrayal of men in our modern media. Being Erica definitely isn’t “Being Eric”. The parade of male characters were far from impressive. The main character (Erica) had a boyfriend who was a pushover and largely unsupportive. The group member (and love interest) was a violent person from a violent past. Erica’s therapist also struggled from a violent past. There was another male group therapy member who couldn’t talk to women. Erica’s (spoiler alert) Jewish father cheated on her mother and they eventually divorced. Interestingly enough, the gay male couple were strong men in a committed and supportive relationship.

I have to say, what also got me was the two friends (a man and a woman) who were married (not to each other- of course) who had an interesting exchange as they were contemplating marital suicide. It came down to the male character noting that he was just not happy. The kids and the family were…well acting like kids and a family, and he just wasn’t …happy. Essentially, his feeling was “to heck with love and commitment”, I need some happiness.

At best Being Erica promotes a negative expectation and understanding of men. At worst, it portrays the reality of men in society.

Whatever the point of view, we (as men) can, and must still strive to be that authentic “Genesis Man”. Purpose/ Employment, Wisdom, Family/ Mentorship and Moral Responsibilities and Words of Declaration…these are the things that must represent us.

Being Erica (?) I wish that there could have been at least a really good Eric…