The ordinary, “No Ordinary” Joe “

Joseph: “The Ordinary – No Ordinary Joe”  Questions and Answers with Joseph the Step-Father of Jesus

Hey everyone.  What if we could speak  to the most famous step-father of all time?  What do you think Joseph would say?  What do you think he would say to us?  The following Q/A was inspired from Matthew 1:19-21.

Q: Hello Joseph, it’s pretty amazing to have a living legend on the Genesis Man “Question and Answer” Blog.  The first thing I’de like to ask you about is this;  The Bible calls you a “just man”. What do you have to say about that?

J: Well that seems like pretty high praise that I don’t feel I deserve… I just try to do the best I can. I try to be fair. I try to live the way that God wants me to live. I try to do the right things.  That’s all.

Q: Don’t sell your self short. You could have publicly humiliated Mary, because after all you thought she got herself pregnant when engage to you!

J: I guess so. If by not “getting even with her” makes me a just man…well, I don’t know. But, the “acceptable” thing to do is not always the “right thing” to do. Just because you are allowed to do something, doesn’t mean you should.   Besides, somewhere deep inside of me,  beside my anger and disbelief, I still loved Mary. Despite what I thought was her mistake at the time, I still wanted her to have a chance at life, even if that life would be with out me. If that’s grace, well, I know that’s what God would do for me.

Q: As a man, you did something that most of us should do more of… thinking! While you were struggling with your decision, something extraordinary happened. What was it?

J: I fell asleep, I don’t remember if it was the evening or the night -I had been exhausted lately. An angel appeared to me in a dream, and challenged something that we all have deep inside us as men: fear. The angel commanded me not to be afraid to do the thing that I didn’t want to do. The angel told me not to be afraid to take Mary as my wife…

Q: Why do you think we as men are afraid to do the things we know deep down inside we really should do?

J: That’s a great question. All I can say was that I was afraid of the ridicule. I was afraid of turning my life upside down. I don’t know what your society is like, but family and community is all I have! Food, clothing, acceptance…there is no life apart from family and community.  It’s all we have in first century Palestine! We can’t move. How could we move?   Where could we go to get away from the controversy?  Family and community is life, and to put that in jeopardy…well, I was afraid of loosing that!

Q: Yeah. Sometimes as men we are afraid to commit, we’re afraid to act the way we should. We’re afraid to follow through with the actions that God wants us to do. But we can’t all have our buts kicked by an angel…

J: True. But the angel helped me to believe something incredible…Mary was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit! I’m sorry but no matter how “just” you are, well that’s going to need some verification…but on some level I was willing to believe that even before the angel. I mean, I know my scripture and prophecy, it just seemed incredible that my life could somehow be part of a greater will and plan of God.

Q: Isn’t that something that all of us as men should realize that God has a plan for us. We are part of the greater will of God.  We are not free agents!

J:  Free agents?

Q: Think about representing your self and not a country in the Olympic Games.

J: Oh, Okay.  Well, God has a plan for us! Imagine the angel telling me that Mary’s son is to be called Jesus, and He would save people from their sins!  And how about flying further in the face of tradition.  “Name him  Jesus”?  No one in my family is named Jesus!  However, I guess that if I was “on board” with the whole pregnancy thing, one more abnormal thing wouldn’t really matter!  Would it?

Q: I guess not.We’ll continue this interview shortly, and I want to ask you next time about your decision to keep your hands off Mary until after Jesus’ birth.