Noah… Imperfectly Perfect

The Noah movie “misses the (m)Ark.”  That wasn’t my gem; it came from a newspaper…

I’m not particularly interested in wading into the debate as to whether the Noah movie is positive  (because evangelistically it brings the Bible into the public sphere) or negative (because it doesn’t handle the content biblically).

Well, for one thing, I haven’t even seen the movie…


The point this Blog is that Noah is an example of a “Genesis Man” who was “Imperfectly, Perfect”.  Obviously enough, his story is in the book of Genesis.  However, his story lives out some of the great qualities of “Genesis Man-ness


  • There was a declarative and prophetic aspect over Noah’s life – Declaration.  His father Lamech spoke into and over his life as a child, and he did so over his own sons.


  • Noah lived a life of obedience in relationship with God.  God even called him a “just man” -an example of Moral Responsibility. 


  • He rescued his family (not to mention the human race) – demonstrating Family Responsibility/ Relationships.


  • He worked (for an awful long time -I might add) building an ark – an example of Work/ Purpose.


Noah’s story is in contrast with our modern cultural myths regarding fatherhood (primarily that…)

  1. The role of the father is unnecessary.

       2.  The role of the father need not be done by a man (it’s only a concept).

  1. It’s ok to divorce fatherhood from maleness.


So why did I call this blog “Noah, Imperfectly Perfect”?  In his back story, God reveals an interesting reality about Noah’s character.

Gen 6:9  Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.


Did you catch that?  Noah was perfect.  This doesn’t refer to genetic perfection, as some would theorize.  It speaks of the wholeness and completeness in Noah’s relationship with God, which was in stark contrast with his modern world contemporaries and personalities.


Why was he “imperfect”?  Well, Noah was a sinner.  That’s why he found “Grace in the sight of God.”

After the flood, sin wasn’t gone.  (It hitch a ride in the ark – again, not one of my gems.)  Noah switched careers from a ship builder to farmer-who specialized in grapes.

As a matter of fact there is a rather embarrassing story (whereasif I had written the Bible, I would never have included it) explaining that Noah got drunk and ended up naked in his tent, and one of his sons stumbled upon him. (Gen 9:20-24 – read it yourself if you think I’m making it up).  Thankfully, the Bible doesn’t go into all the details (which would make for a very uncomfortable sermon), but it is unapologetic and painfully disclosing in its presentation of truth.


Can you imagine the uproar if Aronofski (the director of the Noah movie) had run with that story line?


Despite Noah’s imperfections, God still recorded his legacy as being just, righteous, and faithful.  He was a perfect 10 in his walk with God (and that wasn’t because he had no sin, and that wasn’t because he was BORG –Star Trek reference).

Will I see the move Noah?   Perhaps.  Maybe the movie is also imperfectly perfect…   Then again, maybe I may have to rewrite this blog…


Please feel free to offer thoughts and feedback.




2 thoughts on “Noah… Imperfectly Perfect

  1. Hi! I made a video analyzing the movie “Noah” from a Biblical perspective. Even though the character of Noah departed from the historical Noah of the Bible, I still found the movie to teach some valuable truth, especially about what a man becomes like when he faithlessly tries to do the will of God, because he no longer trusts in the goodness and power of the LORD. He forgets what God is like, does not know what He really wants, and in fact becomes murderous… scary. Anyway, here is the link if anyone wants to watch! Thanks for your blog entry brother Israel!

  2. Hey Brother Israel, can you pass along this link to your wife? She was interested in the possible connection between genetic modification of humans and the mark of the beast, with reference to the much-discussed marriages between the sons of God and daughters of men in Gen 6. Here’s the link (the relevant part is towards the end of the video):

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