We Are Sparta??

Happy New Year Genesis Men!


This morning I woke up with this reflection: Why is the vision of the Genesis Man so important to me?


The Genesis Man is simply just a way of existing as males, as men.   It’s a way of purposefully navigating the journey of being a male and being a man.  It’s a way of moving towards a destination with our eyes open.  We may never actually arrive, but I believe with all my heart, with the deepest part of me that there is great value in the journey.  It’s about living life well,  right where you are.


The Genesis man is about purpose, relationship and Christian spirituality.  You don’t have to be an expert in any area, no one is… but these “pillars” must be on your radar… your compass must point true north.


Many young men and men roam (…at best, meander…) through their existence without a defined sense of purpose, life vision (or at the least) employment.  Mentorship is the only antidote we have as males and as men to deal with this chronic ailment.


The Life Coach Program I’ve developed with James Morgan has four reflective exercises you can do with a mentor.  It could take the minimum of one to six months.  While attempting to persuade young men to get on board, I find that taking the plunge seems to be the hardest thing to do.  Equally challenging is persuading men that they need to take an active and proactive part in the lives of young men and boys.


One of the great myths (and it is a big one!!) of manhood and masculinity is that we can do it on our own.  Many young men and men struggle with their issues, sins, baggage, and lack of purpose on their own.  The feel that somehow, it’s more… well “masculine” to get it done by themselves.  (What a lie that is.)


We were meant to fight like the ancient Greeks (We are Sparta!) in a phalanx like formation.  As men, my shield is to cover the guy beside me, and another man’s shield covers me, and we move forward in our missions with our spears pointed at the enemy.  What is our enemy?  (I’ll get to that.)


I’ve often felt that the term “at risk” was much too narrow in definition.  At risk, in my vision, is not just about being at risk because of “risky” behaviours.

At risk means being at risk of not following or finding your purpose.  At risk is about not existing in the richness of relationships we were designed to participate in.  Being at risk is about not being the “kind” of men we could be, and I think that is the real enemy.


So gentlemen, Genesis men, boys, young men… I wish you a happy and prosperous and purpose driven 2015.  I invite you to email me and help me fulfill the vision of my heart to mentor and to make mentors, and to put you on the road to purpose.  What is keeping you from taking the plunge?


Israel Harriott



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